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EDC17 ECU FLEX Cable kit FLK11B


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Set of 5 cables to connect the Flex programmer to EDC17 ECUs.

Compatible ECUs:

  • EDC17C50
  • EDC17C74
  • EDC17C49
  • EDC17C69
  • MED17-EDC17

1,670.85 +VAT

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3 in stock

With the cable kit for EDC17 ECUs you have:
-Safe bench connection
-Faster communication between the ECU and Flex
-Minimal risk of error during connection

The kit includes:
FLX2.48 ECU Connection Cable for EDC17C50
FLX2.49 ECU Connection cable for EDC17C74 (Ver1 – Ver2)
FLX2.50 ECU Connection cable for EDC17C49
FLX2.51 ECU Connection Cable for EDC17C69
FLX2.20 ECU Connection Cable MED17-EDC17