Flex OBD FLX2.65 cable for Mercedes Truck MCM and ACM


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This cable is for connecting to Mercedes trucks and buses with MCM control unit.

Main features:

  • OBD connection
  • For MCM 2 and 2.1 ECUs
  • Safe connection

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6 in stock

Flex OBD cable for Mercedes Truck MCM and MCM FLX2.65

The FLX2.65 cable is necessary to use the OBD protocol and to connect the Flex programmer to the diagnostic port of Mercedes trucks and buses with MCM 2 and 2.1 ECUs.

ECU compatibility:
MCM 2 and 2.1

Main compatible vehicles:
– Mercedes Truck Actros 1851 12.8L OM471LA 510HP

– Mercedes Truck Arocs 1843 10.7L OM470 428HP

– Mercedes Truck Antos 2532 7.7L OM936 315HP

– Mercedes Bus Citaro C2 10.7L OM470 394HP

– Mercedes Bus Tourismo RHD 12.8L OM471LA 428HP

– Setra Bus S515 HDH 12.8L OM471LA 470HP

– Freightliner Cascadia DD15 14.8L Detroit DD15 530HP