Set: BDM frame , ECU opener, BOOTMODE noodles


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Set for easy reading of the controllers on the table, consisting of:

  • BDM frame
  • 6 pcs  ECU opener
  • 6 pcs Bootmode noodles

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Set: BDM frame , ECU opener, BOOTMODE noodles

Zestaw rama BDM

Set for easy reading of the controllers on the table

BDM frame

  • The frame of our production is made of laser-cut steel elements and then powder coated, which ensures durability for years.
  • Stainless steel linear guides with linear bearings ensure smooth running of the BDM trolley.
  • In addition, screws with knobs allow you to lock the trolley in any position.
  • The holes for the BOOTMODE needles enable their stable placement on the controller board, and thus the reading without soldering to the electronic components of the controller, and thus reducing the risk of damaging the ECU
  • The programmer extension enables a convenient location for the currently used programmer
  • The frame is equipped with LED lighting that makes it easier to find the correct fields on the controller PCB




ECU Opener

Device for opening the housing of Bosch controllers.

The use of 4/6 pcs of the tool depending on the controller housing provides much faster, safer and more convenient work with the ECU without damaging or deforming the housing.

BOOTMODE needles

Universal insulated BootMode needles for reading any driver using our BDM frame with Boot extension.

Solid workmanship.



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