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RaceBox is the most modern and precise way to measure the performance stats of your vehicle. Measuring 0-100km/h acceleration, 1/4 mile times or laps around your favorite race circuit has never been easier. Join the RaceBox family today and all this will be just a press of a button away from you.

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RaceBox uses the latest generation GPS. This provides an outstanding accuracy and positioning – as low as 25cm running on the internal antenna. Combined with the purpose-built hardware, RaceBox has mind-blowing performance – over 99.5% measurement accuracy to a hundred of a second, compared to official lap/drag timing equipment.

Almost no other device on the market at the moment can offer you the same functionality as RaceBox. It also provides you with the easiest and most intuitive user interface as well as the most ergonomic shape and form-factor. All of this in a price range significantly lower than anything else in this area.

RaceBox is absolutely standalone device. You don’t need anything more than what comes inside the box. Unbox it, mount it and enjoy the complete experience right away.
In the box you get the device itself, windshield suction cup mount, charging cable and an external GPS antenna for even better precision.


A key goal in developing and designing the product was the ease of use. We wanted to have all the features that you would need while keeping it as simple as possible. That was not an easy task, considering it includes both a “Lap Timer” (for track use) and “Drag Meter” (for drag use) functionality at an unmatched price point.

  • Lap Timer: If you are the occasional track-day enthusiast, a semi-professional or just want to see how fast you can go around the track, we’ve got you covered. The “Lap Timer” functionality will allow you to measure your laps and improve your skills without ever having to stop and check your results
  • Drag Meter: The “Drag Meter” functionality presents you with virtually unlimited possibilities to measure all of your car’s performance stats. No matter if you want to see how fast it accelerates, covers a certain distance or anything in between, you can measure it with RaceBox
  • Predictive: Know your results in advance with our Predictive feature. Available for both Drag Meter distance runs and Lap Timer on any track. The device will study your driving and display estimates of your lap or drag run time before you have finished.
  • History: All of this is stored as sessions internally in the device memory – you can always go back and analyze everything later. All you need to do is just go to the “History” menu and all the information is there – sorted for you by type, date, track and sessions. No need for SD cards


RaceBox dedicated mobile app is specifically developed to expand and unlock the full potential of your RaceBox device.

Quick, easy and stable connection over WiFi to download all your data to your smartphone. The app not only offers some extras that just cannot fit on the device display itself but also backs up everything to our cloud so you don’t need to worry that you will lose your session records ever again.

Check your sessions using our very in-depth, yet simplified, analysis tools.

For the Lap Timer sessions you will be able to see all the info you’ll need to become a faster driver. Check all your data in every single session and lap with speed and g-force graphs, racing lines, sector times and so on. You can even compare two laps to view differences in driving lines, compare speed readings by position on the track and view time differences.

In the Drag Meter sessions you can check everything within greater detail as well. You can dig in every single session, analyze the measurements of every single discipline from every single run and many more things that are simply impossible to see on the device’s screen itself. Like detailed speed graphs and so on. You can even see Slope Corrected times – special algorithm computes what your drag runs would be on a level surface.

See all the info that you need about your RaceBox device – connection, battery, GPS signal strength, free storage, see current firmware version and update it over the air and of course manage and upload all your favorite tracks from our database with more than 1500 predefined ones.


The RaceBox Mobile App backs all data to our private cloud. It is then accessible via our website for download. You can log in and export it in CSV and VBO formats compatible with popular sofware solutions for video overlaying or in-depth analysis.

Lap timer in details:

Load a predefined track with the mobile app from our database – over 2000 race tracks all around the world with splits, start/finish lines, different configuration and more. See the full list here. Or create your own custom track/configuration with as much as 4 split lines.

While driving you will be presented with current lap and lap time for it, your live speed, last and best times and colorful pop-ups for every point that you cross (split, start/finish) with the difference from your best time in the session. All that information is perfectly arranged and balanced so you can glance it without losing sight of your driving line.

Combined with even more features such as our “Predictive Mode” which lets you see just how fast exactly are you at any given point on the circuit and thanks to the unmatched visualization and UI, RaceBox is just a step above the competition.


And the best thing is all the functionality does not stop here. We have many more features planned in mind that thanks to the design of our hardware and software will be released as free updates down the road.

Specification Racebox:

  • 10Hz GPS Module (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou)
  • Internal and optional external GPS antenna
  • WiFi Module 802.11 b/g/n
  • 2.4″ Colour LCD 320×240, 20Hz
  • 2000 mAh LiPo Battery – Up to 8 hours of usage
  • USB Type C – 2 hours charging time
  • Flash Memory capable of storing up to 400 racing sessions
  • High Precision Accelerometer /- 4G range


RaceBox comes fully ready to use – minimal assembly required.

  • RaceBox main unit
  • Adjustable suction cup for mounting on the windshield
  • USB-C to USB-A charging cable with quick magnetic release
  • External GPS antenna (in case you need one)
  • Quick-start guide

Wall adapter or car charger is NOT included in the box. Feel free to use any USB 2A charger.

The main unit is compatible with Go-Pro-style mounting adapters.

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