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Chiptuning / modifications – Professional modification of the contents of the controller memory responsible for controlling the parameters of the internal combustion engine. We started our adventure with cars in this field – that is tuning of both gasoline and diesel engines. Our research experience and services related to the processing of ECU files for dozens of workshops allowed us to gain experience in optimizing software controlling the operation of internal combustion engines. As part of the modification, we offer individual modification depending on the customer’s needs, taking into account the expectations related to the increase in torque and power. Each modification is preceded by comprehensive car diagnostics and suggestions related to the proposed results. We modify supercharged petrol and diesel engines with some naturally aspirated engines. We also make mechanical modifications consisting in changing the elements of the intake and exhaust systems as well as power system components. We work with companies that prepare custom exhaust systems and turbochargers.

The course of the software modification process in our company:

  • Establishing price conditions
  • Diagnostics of the engine and components with logging of parameters and visual inspection
  • Measurement of torque and power in the serial program
  • Reading the controller memory contents
  • Modification of the ECU content
  • Programming the controller with an individually prepared set of maps
  • Re-diagnostics of parameters
  • Pomiar momentu obrotowego i mocy na programie zmodyfikowanym wraz z logowaniem istotnych parametrów
  • Measurement of torque and power on a modified program with logging of important parameters.

When modifying the software, the end result of interest to the customer is generally the torque-power graph. It should be noted that many people pay attention to the values ​​- the maximum values, which in many cases of modified cars are available in a narrow range of rotational speeds, thus may not significantly shorten the acceleration time, and contribute to faster operation of the drive transmission components or the system recharging or cleaning exhaust gases. Our modifications are designed to change the characteristics of the torque waveform in such a way as to give joy to users and allowing for more efficient overtaking, not to contribute to accelerated operation. The most common problem of cars that come to us for corrections are problems related to too high pressure of the turbocharger or frequent regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. This is most often due to the lack of diagnostics or inadequate processing of maps, which most often come from an external source. In our company, you can modify the car with safe settings and parameters. We never modify cars that have defects or failures of any of the systems.

We establish cooperation with workshops that have the appropriate tools for programming drivers. – The service consists in processing the driver batch read by the partner workshop. We provide services related to the modification of memory contents, aimed at:

  • Increasing the torque and power of the vehicle.
  • Activation or deactivation of systems / functions (DPF / SCR / EGR / SWIRL / 02S)
  • DTC enable / disable
  • Activation of AL / LC / P & B / HR procedures etc.

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