KESS3 Slave Agri Truck OBD + Bench Boot


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A new product from Alientech- One device with a choice of protocols tailored to specific vehicle groups and reading methods – OBD/ Bench&Boot

If you have a previous KESSv2 or K-TAG device please contact us. For existing Alientech users, there is an exchange program that allows you to receive a discount of up to 95%

New device -> lower annual subscriptions. From now on, the cost of annual subscription for Master version is 1190 EUR net regardless of the number of protocols. For Slave version it is 590 EUR net.

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In stock

KESS3 Slave Agri Truck OBD + Bench Boot

KESS3 - nowe urządzenie Alientech ( KESSv2 & K-TAG)

KESS3 Slave Agri Truck OBD + Bench Boot- 6 main features

  1. You no longer need separate tools for programming via OBD and on the bench mode. In the new KESS3, both functions are now combined.
  2. More choices and easier to match protocols to your needs
  3. Lightning fast read and write with advanced checksum processing speed. No more waiting for checksum calculations – the new KESS3 with its powerful computing power is able to process data much faster
  4. Compatible with KESS V2 cables – no need to buy new cable sets.
  5. Bench and Boot protocols are now available for purchase individually
  6. Service mode – greater coverage of ECUs in SM – Bench mode (read ECU via  pins without opening )


KESS3 is the latest ECU tuning tool from Alientech, replacing KESSv2 and K-TAG.

KESS3 gives you more control than its predecessors, KESSv2 and K-TAG, and can be upgraded without having to spend money on new hardware. This new tool allows users to remap faster and easier than ever before, with the ability to use both OBD and Bench methods with one device.

The KESS 3 tool is the latest step in ECU tuning – it is faster and more powerful than its predecessors. The interface speed is faster than any previous Alientech program

KESS3 – new tool from Alientech ( KESSv2 & K-TAG) -all protocols in one programmer


The protocols are sold separately, so you can choose a kit to fit your needs or expand it at any time with more protocols. With KESS3, it will also be possible to upgrade from Slave to Master.

Bench and Boot protocols are for the first time available by the type of vehicle they support rather than by processor type – making it easier to compose a kit.

The new Kess3 uses the latest technology available to ensure fast reading and writing of both ECU and TCU

Alientech Suite

The Alientech Suite program that supports Kess3 is an all-in-one program. No more wandering around a complicated menu. Select the vehicle you want to read from the main screen, then simply choose the reading method “OBD” / “bench – service mode” / “Boot – direct connection to the driver PCB ”

Connection instructions 

Now clear instructions are displayed before going to the read/write screen when using Kess3. This ensures that you don’t miss important instructions and that you are up to date with the knowledge to safely read/write a driver.


Easier searching

Quick filtering to find your vehicle. No longer do you have to follow drop-down menus and waste time searching for a particular ECU. Now you can quickly jump to the protocol you need.  Filter by ECU or TCU, or fuel type – all in one place! KESS3 is the easiest and simplest to use programmer on the market.


The new Kess3 has a protective rubberized layer around the outer edge of the tool to absorb shock and impact when working in harsh conditions. In addition, it has rubber non-slip feet


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