Connection cable MB Bosch MDG1 – EDC17 FLX2.18


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The cable allows connection to the MB Bosch MDG1 – EDC17 engine control unit.

Main features:
● Bench connection mode
● A faster communication speed between ECU and FLEX
● A faster connection between ECU and FlexBox
● A minimal error risk during connection

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1 in stock

FLX 2.18 MB Bosch MDG1 – EDC17

The FLX2.18 connection cable – made with P1 BOSCH 91P connector – allows you to connect Flex to Bosch MDG1 – EDC17 FMB ECUs in Bench mode.

ECU Compatibility:
● MG1CS001
● MG1CP163
● MD1CP014
● MG1CS001
● EDC17CP44

● Audi – Seat – Skoda – Volkswagen

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