Piasini Serial Suite Master – motorbike programmer


Available in 3-5 working days

Serial Suite Piasiniengineering is a device that allows reading and writing of the MCU memory contained in the engine and gearbox ECUs, Serial Suite always reads the full contents of the ECU file so that it can easily return to factory settings (backup).

10,628.45 +VAT

Previous lowest price was 13,072.99.

Available in 3-5 working days

Piasini Serial Suite

Serial Suite is able to work with the latest series of microprocessors, such as ST10, C166, C167, SH7052, SH7059, MR32, MPC5XX, NEXUS and allows customisation of the
vehicle performance calibration without compromising reliability. A list of supported vehicles is available HERE

The software supplied with the kit is easy and intuitive for everyone, showing clear and simple menu options.
The software and its numerous plug-ins are available for Slave and Master devices.
Catalogue of cables available for download HERE

The main functions at the launch of our software are:

Main menu where you can select the type of unit or vehicle type

Window for selecting the plug-in

Serial Suite Piasiniengineering supports the following lines of communication:

CAN bus
Protocollo J1850
Protocollo J1708

Kit includes:
USB cable
OBD II cable
Power supply
Spare cables banana 4mm / adapters 2mm to 4mm


Serial Suite device features:
Voltage 15 V
Dimensions: 120x100x30 mm
Weight: 285 g
SMD automotive technology
Integrated flash memory
Interface compatible with USB 2.0B
ISO CAN-BUS/K-line interface SUB D 9 COM port connector.
Motorola BDM interface
JTAG Universal interface
AUD interface Renesas
Renesas NBD interface