ECM Titanium – two hundred credits (200)


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200 credits. Credit activation to be able to download drivers or checksums.

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In stock

ECM Titanium – two hundred credits

This purchase is for 200 credits.

  • Driver for passenger cars 1 download = 40 credits

  • Driver for motorbikes 1 download = 40 credits

  • Truck Driver 1 download = 70 credits

  • Driver for agricultural tractors 1 download = 70 credits

  • Boat driver 1 download = 70 credits

ECM Titanium - two hundred credits

Alientech ECM Titanium is a chip tuning software that allows you to make changes to a file read from the ECU or TCU. The Alientech Kess and K-tag programmers allow you to read a file from the vehicle, but it is the ECM Titanium software that is the main tuner tool. Alientech ECM Titanium is relatively easy to use, although the basics in its use are required. With ECM Titanium, most master maps and delimiters needed to modify files are already recognized, including rotation, load, atmospheric pressure axes, etc.

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