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Dostępne w 1-2 dni / Available in 1-2 days

AUTEL MaxiDAS DS900BT with free 2-YEAR software update included!!!
The tester is a standalone workshop device, the NEWEST AUTEL TESTER SERIES, equipped with 8 inch touch screen, flash camera, armored rugget rubber workshop case! It is powered by a very fast Android 11 operating system. original, legal hardware with online updates!

3,946.81 +VAT

Previous lowest price was 1,145.00.

Dostępne w 1-2 dni / Available in 1-2 days


The tester supports virtually all control modules with which the vehicle is equipped, including the latest models of the current year:

-ABS braking system
-automatic transmission
-comfort module
-brake electronics
-ESP/ASR/EBD traction control
-TMPS tire pressure system
-air conditioning
-power steering
-audio system
-central locking
-anti-theft system
-electronic lights
-4×4 drive
-seat memory
-door electronics
-parking assist
-lane keeping assist
-rear-view camera
-cruise control
-and many other vehicle equipment systems.

Diagnostoscope capabilities:

-reading fault codes
-deleting the codes of defects
-viewing actual parameters (also in the form of graphs and indicators: several modes)
-coding of components,
-subassembly adaptations (throttle, EGR valve, engine computer, etc…).
-test of actuators (actuation of EGR valve, fan motor, meter tips, central locks, etc…)
-reset service inspections, and oil inspections
-coding of injectors
-coding of keys
-full service of the DPF (soot level check, reset, regeneration, adaptation after replacement)
-full service of the electric parking brake EPB (reversing the calipers when replacing the pads, setting the force of the pistons, thickness of the pads)
-automatic scanning of all vehicle modules
-reading of control module information
-cleaning of learned values
-VIN code reading
-resetting control unit programming
-bleeding the master cylinder
-level calibration
-calibration of steering angle sensor
-idle gear trim
-ignition advance angle
-and many others…


It has derived shortcuts of the MOST IMPORTANT SERVICE PROCEDURES:

-reset service inspection, oil inspection
-full service of the EPB electric parking brake
(reversing the calipers when replacing pads, setting the piston pressure, pad thickness)
-DPF filter regeneration (checking dust status, firing, regeneration, adaptation)
-gearbox adaptation
-calibration of steering angle sensor
-adaptation of a new battery
-throttle adaptation
-coding of injectors
-headlight adjustment
-suspension adjustment
-and many others (diagnostic combo)!!!!!!

The set includes:

1. Diagnoscope AUTEL MaxiDAS DS900 BT KIT in the tester after the first registration will be automatically unlocked FREE 2-YEAR UPDATE (the update card is only informative about the free update)
2. Bluetooth Wireless Diagnostic Head
3. case with dividers
4. case with OBDI adapters
5. OBDII main diagnostic cable
6. USB-C power charger
7. 3 pcs of touch screen pens
8. warranty card
9. screen cloth