FUMES GENERATOR LIQUID bottle with dispenser 100 ml


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Smoke generator liquid with spout-shaped applicator liquid for smoke generators

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Liquid for smoke generators with spout-shaped applicator liquid for smoke generators



Professional handy 100 ml PET bottle with a spout-shaped applicator.

Ideal for accurate dispensing of various substances, e.g. conditioners, hair rubs.

Professional applicator in black color.


Capacity: 100 ml
Thread: 24/410
Material: PET
Color: colorless, transparent
Height: 127 mm
Width: 38 mm
Base shape: circle
Weight: 12 g


Thread: 24 mm
Hole diameter: 3 mm
Material: PP/PE
Color: black/transparent

100ml Smoke Generator Fluid

  • Purity: Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical formula: C3H8O3
  • CAS No.: 56-81-5
  • EC no: 200-289-5
  • Main ingredient content: Min. 99.5%
  • Characteristics: Thick liquid
  • Packaging: 100 ml
  • Odor: none

The set includes:

  1. 100 ml PET bottles with spout-shaped applicator with liquid for smoke generators
  2. Autoxscan card