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New original factory packed ICOM Next A interface

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New original factory packed ICOM Next A interface

Catalogue number: BMW 81312360883


The set includes:

– multiplexer ICOM NEXT

– OBD II 16PIN cable

– LAN cable

The devices work with the latest BMW and MINI vehicles and software, also in online mode

via the AOS portal  https://aos.bmwgroup.com/


Compatible with ISTA D, ISTA , INPA software

Supports all manufacturer protocols: MOST, DCAN, K CAN, K-Line

The BMW ICOM NEXT A has the ability to adapt new controllers, automatic entry of engine, air conditioning, meter and other settings, automatic logging and programming of ABS / EDS / ASR and many other features not possible with other non-original diagnostic heads.

The BMW ICOM head unit is a dedicated – service diagnostic interface for BMW and  vehicles.

Function of recording data, e.g. current vehicle parameters, while driving without the need to connect a computer

The same device is used by authorised service stations (ASO)

With this head unit you can do a complete diagnostics of any BMW ora Mini

Provides full diagnostics of BMW vehicles including so-called guided functions, long codes, DPF/FAP burning, controller flashing, programming.

No universal tester allows such extended BMW diagnostics – adaptation, programming, long coding etc.

If you have already selected a suitable controller, e.g. the engine computer, it is possible to

reading of pending error codes (DTC)
– reading of the stored error codes (DTC)
– clearing codes and the “check engine” light (MIL)
– Possibility of saving the read data to a file for further analysis
– Diagnostics of actuators such as throttles, valves, sensors
– dynamic checking of ignition, starting dose,
– engine speed (RPM)
– load (Calculated Load Value)
– Coolant Temperature
– Fuel System Status
– Vehicle Speed
– Short Term Fuel Trim
– Long Term Fuel Trim (Long Term Fuel Trim)
– Intake Manifold Pressure (Intake)
– Ignition advance timing (Timing Advance)
– intake air temperature (Intake Air Temperature)
– Air Flow Rate
– Absolute Throttle Position (TPS)
– lambda sensor indications (Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims)
– fuel pressure (Fuel Pressure)
– Checking the condition of the engine on the basis of wear of individual cylinders – that is
difference in fuel doses dosed by the computer to individual cylinders, so that the engine works evenly at idling speed.
– measurement of vehicle parameters – power and acceleration
– Emergency firing of DPF/FAP particulate filter
– Replacement of pads in cars with EPB electric parking brake
– The device allows the measurement of voltage and resistance, has a memory card so that it is possible to record data without having to use a computer

And many more…

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