PTO Dyno Dimsport on light trailer DF2TR-TR


Please contact us before purchase / Prosimy o kontakt przed zakupem

Please contact us before purchase / Prosimy o kontakt przed zakupem

Dyno Tractor is a diagnostic system developed for agricultural vehicles equipped with PTO.

Managed by a control unit, it allows to measure a range of parameters among which the engine power delivered.

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Please contact us before purchase / Prosimy o kontakt przed zakupem

PTO Dyno Dimsport on light trailer DF2TR-TR

The single-brake version – allowing the measurement of engine powers up to 250 kW

Dyno Tractor’s shaft brake is released with high quality material that warrants high twist resistance. A standard joint cardan shaft (optional) allows easy connection to the vehicle and makes it possible to quickly perform the following measurements:

Maximum take-off power
Maximum engine power
Maximum take-off torque
Maximum engine torque
Cardan shaft rpm
Intake manifold pressure
Water / oil temperature
Exhaust gas temperature


New born in the DIMSPORT dynamometers range, to support specific mobility needs in the Agricultural industry: a brand-new application has been developed to make any testing/diagnostic operation more practical and to allow time savings for Professionals of the engine calibrations and their clients.

Provided with single brake 250 kW mobile frame, Dyno Tractor Trailer introduces the portability as new business concept for Professionals aimed at offering the most efficient “on site” testing service.  No need to wait for Agricultural vehicles at your workshop (with all the problems that this transportation may involve…): just go and test it wherever this is needed.

A new feature added is represented by the possibility to test any kind of PTO. Dyno Tractor Trailer supports the rotation from both sides: it is now possible to test and support also front PTO (available on combined harvesters and some tractors), other than rear PTO.

The trailer on which the dynamometer is installed is equipped with identification number, certificate of conformity and all the necessary documents required to obtain a valid registration certificate.

Like other DYNO TRACTOR modules, this new application is provided with data acquisition probe kit as standard. Optional items are available: a cardan shaft, a kit of 3 universal adapters for the cardan shaft and a fuel consumption meter device.


Timed constant engine rpm test
Constant traction test
Manual braking test
Decelerative test
Real time data logging

A user-friendly software and no hardware allow to work with a notebook directly from the driver’s seat of the tractor. Measured values can be assessed thanks to both the digital displays and the graph. By moving the cursor on the chart, the related value is automatically displayed.

Measurement system Load cell (strain gauge)
Take-off shaft profile 1’’ 3/4-6-part
Max. RPM 3200 rpm
Max. braking power 250 kW
Max. torque 3350 Nm
Power supply 400 V, 50 Hz, 20 A
Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 3100 X 1750 X 1500
Time of measurement at power take off shaft 1 min 333kW@1000rpm; 2min 246kW@1000rpm; 3min 163kW@1000rpm; 4min128kW@1000rpm; 12min 107kW@1000rpm

Oil temperature sensor (°C) / H2O (°C) 0 – 150°C
K temperature sensor 0 – 1000°C
Boost pressure sensor (bar) -1.00 + 3.00
Consumption device 4- 200 l/h

Measurement data are collected and standardized through an integrated barometric unit in accordance with the following regulations: SAE J1995, ISO TR 14396-ECE R120, CE 97/68-2000/25/CE, ECE R24, CEE 80/1269, DIN70020, OCDE