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The Dynomet portable dynamometer is a device which is mounted on the wheel of the measured vehicle (car, van or truck), connected to a laptop computer and the measurements are taken on the road.

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The portable road dynamometer is a device that got rid of the wheel sensor and replaced it with a GPS receiver. Installation on the car consists of placing the GPS antenna on the roof of the car – that’s all. Installation takes 2 seconds! This type of dynamometer has no limitations as to the measured power or torque, will measure any power and cars with any drive.

The portable dynamometer measures cars, vans, off-road and trucks!

A portable road dynamometer differs from a chassis dynamometer in that the car is accelerated on the road instead of on rollers. In a traditional chassis dynamometer, in order to calculate the power, the software controlling the dynamometer needs to know the mass and circumference of the rollers. In a portable dynamometer, the weight of the car is entered instead of this data. And that’s it! The rest is the same as in the chassis dynamometer – inertial, with the difference that the car is accelerated on the road, not on the rollers that simulate it.

A portable road dynamometer will measure:

– power and torque (and their course on the graph),

– acceleration (each – from any speed to any speed, e.g. 0-100 km/h, 0-160 km/h, 80-120 km/h, etc.) and time and speed in the quarter mile,

– braking distance.

The parameters (power, torque, distance travelled, speed, etc.) are measured at a frequency of 10 times per second, which gives accurate measurements and graphs of power and torque.

The portable dynamometer has many advantages, among others:

– accuracy – measurement error is less than 2%,

– the car is tested in its natural conditions, on the road – there is no problem with bad air flow, for example, which often makes the accuracy of measurement higher than on a chassis dynamometer in a room,

– The software is adapted to on-road measurements, usually about 800 metres of road is enough to measure the power in most cars.

The software allows the comparison of up to 4 graphs at once (important when comparing parameters before and after tuning or repairing a car) and has a measurement correction according to DIN70020.

The advantages compared to stationary inertial dynamometers are:

– there is no limitation of the measured power, it will measure any power (provided that the road conditions are appropriate),

– possibility of road measurements: acceleration, speed, braking distance, etc.

– testing a car in its natural conditions, on the road, where it moves every day,

– does not take up valuable space in the workshop,

– price!

The set includes:

– driver with GPS antenna,

– software,

– case.

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