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DynoPro is a road test bench for measuring power, torque, acceleration and other parameters of passenger cars and other combustion or electric vehicles. Measurements can be made on vehicles with any type of drive. No power limit for the measured vehicle. The dynamometer is intended for use in widespread motorsport by professionals.

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1 in stock (can be backordered)

DynoPRO road test dyno for professionals

DynoPro is a road test bench for measuring power, torque, acceleration and other parameters of passenger cars and other combustion or electric vehicles. Measurements can be made on vehicles with any type of drive. No power limit for the measured vehicle. The dynamometer is intended for use in widespread motorsport by professionals.

DynoPRO Road test dyno – a fast and effective solution. The device is characterized by a compact, compact housing made of aluminum and plastic. The installation takes about 2 minutes. Afterwards the device is ready to measure.

The vehicle weight and tire size are needed for the measurement, no tire measurements are required (the program calculates them automatically). The device has a built-in weather station for measuring temperature and air pressure (-40 ° 100 °, 300-1100hpa).

Communication with the DYNO probe and the OBD2 probe is in Bluetooth standard. The Dyno probe has a built-in battery, which allows an operating time of about 10 hours. The OBD2 probe is powered by the OBD2 connector.

In addition to the standard power measurement, the device can be used with additional parameters such as: Charge pressure, injection line pressure, exhaust gas temperature, etc. are recorded and inserted into the diagram in relation to the power or torque diagram.

In addition to the power measurement, the software enables the diagnosis of the motor controller in the EOBD standard (identification of the motor controller and diagnostic protocol, reading and clearing of DTC errors, measurement of actual values).

The measurement results are presented in 3 variants. Real, DIN70020, SAE J1349. Repeated error with the same procedure and conditions below 1%.

The road test dyno DynoPRO has no time and quantity restrictions during operation. Free software updates. Technical support. The device warranty is 2 years.

A – protective cover with foam insert.
B tablet (with DynoPRO application) in a protective housing, charger, adapter.
C dyno probe- mounted on the vehicle wheel.
D -OBD2 probe.
E-accessory kit for fixing Dyno probes- 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm, 22 mm. Set screw
F – M12 for fixing Dyno probes and M10 screw with spring washer.
G – 8 mm, 10 mm Allen key and 14 mm wrench.



A) Charge the batteries in the tablet and Dyno probe before measuring. The OBD2 probe is powered by the diagnostic connector.

The dyno probe has 2 LEDs that indicate the state of charge and the complete charging of the battery. When the charger is connected, the orange LED lights up and after charging the orange LED turns off and the green LED lights up. If no LED is lit, the charger is connected incorrectly or there is no power.

B) Mount the dyno probe with the supplied attachments and press the ON / OFF switch. After pressing the button, the white STATUS LED flashes and lights up after successful calibration. The calibration takes about 3 seconds.

C) Plug the OBD2 probe into the 16-pin OBD2 diagnostic socket of the vehicle. The OBD2 probe signals the correct plugging into the socket with the power diode switched on. If the vehicle does not have a 16-pin OBD2 jack, any adapter can be used. The standard at the 4th and 5th pin of the OBD2 probe is ground (-, GND), at the 16th pin 12V ( ). 1-wire communication lines are on pin 7, 2-wire CAN on 6 and 14. In case of doubt, please contact technical support.

D) We get into the vehicle, strap on the seat belts, start the engine and turn on the tablet together with the dynoPRO software.

Starting the software We start the tablet. The device is fully configured and ready for use. Android starts in about 1 minute. After launching, we see on the main screen a set of standard Android applications and the DynoPRO application – we launch the application called DynoPRO. After starting the application we have 4 options:
• MEASUREMENT – power measurement mode,
• OBD2 – OBD2 diagnostic mode,
• ANALYSIS – data analysis mode for previously performed measurements,
• SETTINGS – Application Settings, Measurements, and Help.

It is recommended to enter SETTINGS first. After the settings it is recommended to switch to the OBD2 diagnostic mode and to check if the device connects to the vehicle in OBD2 mode. If everything is ok, we switch to the power measurement mode – MEASUREMENT. On the first screen, we configure the measurement by specifying the parameters: name of the measurement, vehicle mass (from registration or weight), tire size read from the tire, e.g. Eg 210 / 55R17 or 210 55 17 (correction – number of mm possible due to tire wear). We move on. At the bottom of the screen is the probe status bar: Dyno probes and OBD2 probes. Before the measurement
Please check if they are active. The program allows you to configure additional parameters that are read by the OBD2 probe. The RPM parameter is enabled by default. Set a maximum of 2 additional real values during the measurement, as a larger number may reduce the resolution of the measurements.

The measurement with Road test dyno dynoPRO consists of 2 phases:

The first phase is the acceleration phase, and the second phase is the phase of automatic deceleration after idling. The second phase lasts about 10s. The program automatically signals the end of the deceleration phase with an acoustic signal and automatically generates a graphic.

Press GO to start the measurement. The message “You can move” is displayed. The program is currently waiting for the start of the first measurement phase (you can start delayed, the start detection is counted from the moment the motion is detected by the dyno probe). The end of the measurement takes place automatically after the end of the 2nd phase (delay).

We measure the power of vehicles with a manual transmission in the target gear no. 3 or 4 in the full speed range. To accurately calculate the torque and get the right graph, you can accelerate the vehicle quietly in 1st and 2nd gear at low speeds. After shifting the 3rd gear, press and hold the accelerator pedal to stop the engine speed. Then insert the neutral gear and start the 2nd phase or deceleration. This phase lasts about 10 s and is signaled automatically, after which the program automatically creates a graphic and the user can control the vehicle freely. The power measurement in vehicles with automatic transmission also consists of 2 phases. The first phase is the acceleration phase, and the second phase is the deceleration phase after shifting to neutral. The acceleration phase starts after pressing the green GO button on the screen.

We take measurements on vehicles with an automatic transmission with every strategy that the given transmission allows.

a) After pressing the GO button, we press the maximum gas and accelerate the vehicle to 100 km / h or more, then enter the neutral gear, after which the program automatically enters the phase of the speed delay and finally signaled with a sound whose completion and generates a graphic, and the user can freely control the vehicle.

b) After pressing the GO button, we proceed as for the manual transmission and engage the gear on the transmission control.

The program also allows you to enter a very accurate acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h, up to 200 km / h, and drive a ¼ mile section. In this case, press
regardless of the type of transmission, the GO button and the accelerator pedal are in the maximum position. After reaching the measured speed or radius, you can brake the vehicle with the brake pedal. When braking, the power values are wrong, but the acceleration results are correct and automatic
displayed on the screen when a certain speed or section of road is reached.

Also avaliable set with weighing scale PROFORM

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