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Emulator Julie PRO IMMO OFF


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Universal emulator IMMO, ESL/ELV, AIRBAG, TACHO.

Version v.117

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3 in stock

Julie PRO Emulator

World’s most popular

Car emulator.

For a reason.



Choose an emulator trusted by thousands of car mechanics around the world.

Meet the most universal and popular car electronics emulator.

Earn time, money and reputation with the Emulator you can trust.


LEARN MORE ABOUT JULIE: https://carlabimmo.com/julie

INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND FULL ECU LIST: https://carlabimmo.com/julie-manual

WATCH VIDEO OF JULIE: https://youtu.be/b9PD80JuU0Y





Damaged immobiliser or ECU, lost keys, engine swap – you can solve all these cases and many more just by using Julie Emulator. Julie replaces original immobiliser signal and as long as it’s inside the ECU, the system is taken care of.




Damaged Electronic Steering Column Lock (ESL/ELV) is a common fault, the repair of which can cost hundreds of euros. Luckily, there’s Julie Emulator! By installing it in the place of the damaged ESL, you replace its signal and save a great deal of time and money.




The AirBag error that lights up on the dashboard is a common symptom of a torn passenger seat occupancy mat. But sometimes it may not be the case! Don’t waste time, diagnose the problem thanks to Julie Emulator. Connect Julie to the passenger seat occupancy sensor and find out if the AirBag error disappears.




Julie Emulator can also simulate the signal coming from the car, which will help you determine if the instrument cluster is working correctly before installing it into the car.





When we create our emulators, we pay attention to make sure that they are fail-safe and high quality.

The emulators are designed to as easy to use and as durable as possible.


3x tested. Precisely.

We check the functioning of each emulator at least three times during production. No mistake will slip through!


Failure free. Seriously.

You can be 100% sure that every emulator that leaves our company is working correctly and ready for tough work!


RoHs Technology. Eco.

Every our emulator meets all requirements regarding the content of materials which are harmful for the environment.