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HEX PROG Programmer Full Set


1 in stock (can be backordered)

Hexprog is the professional tool you will need to repair, clone and make chip tuning for a wide range of Ecus/Tcus.

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1 in stock (can be backordered)

HexProg Chip Tuning And ECU Programming Tool

Hexprog is the professional tool you will need to repair, clone and make chip tuning for a wide range of Ecus/Tcus. The price of Hexprog is the most affordable price comparing to the other professional tools in the market, it comes with 30 days free Cloning/Tuning license, as well all the adapters you may need for your job.

Key Features

  • Master version. One License for all protocols On bench and OBD
  • Supports one of the largest Ecu/Tcu list in Cars and Trucks for Ecu cloning and Chip Tuning, check check Hexprog Ecu List
  • Supports both old and latest Ecus/Tcus from Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Marelli, Denso, Temic, TRW and Valeo…etc.
  • Reads all BMW long ISN from BMW DME and DDE including MD1 and MG1 in F/G series
  • Supports online services like IMMO OFF, DPF OFF, EGR OFF, Addblue,…etc.

On Bench Chip Tuning/Ecu Cloning

With Hexprog you can read and write P-Flash, D-Flash, External Flash, and external EEPROM with the option of automatically checksum correction, you will have many methods in most of Ecus:

  • Factory mode (On Bench) for most of Ecus/Tcus
  • Tricore Boot Mode for all Tricore Ecus
  • BDM (Background debug mode)
  • JTAG for Renesas and Freescale

OBD Chip tuning

Hexprog supports read/write the map area, (virtual read is supported too). It includes important functions in some Ecus, like VIN Changing, Coding backup/restore and Fault codes read/erase

BMW ISN reading

With Hexprog you can read all long ISN from any BMW Ecu including the latest Bosch MG1/MD1 Ecus starting from 2005 up to today DME/DDE.

IMMO BDM read/write

With Hexprog you are able to break the protection of immobilizers like CAS in BMW, EIZ/EIS in Mercedes Benz, BCM in Volkswagen and Porsche…etc.

Built in Editors

With Hexprog you can edit many Flash data like:

  • Edit CAS3+ VIN, ISN and keys
  • Edit CAS4, CAS4+ VIN, and ISN
  • Edit mileage for BMW instrument clusters

Other functions

  • You can repair the BMW FRM 3 in one click, as well as other FRM types
  • You can reset mileage in protected EEPROMs like M35080, M35160, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ
  • You can do key reset for many brands like Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Toyota, Fiat, Renault…etc.
  • Read/Write a wid range of SOP8 EEPROMs.

What you get

  • Hexprog Main Unit: A powerful multi functions tool equipped with one of the most fast microcontrollers in this business sector.
  • Fully functioning Ecu Cloning/Chip Tuning License for 30 days more details in F.A.Q.
  • Power Module : Used for Ecu Cloning/Tuning function for On Bench and Boot Mode of different Ecus/Tcus.
  • OBD Cable : Used for Ecu Chip Tuning/Ecu Repair by OBD to read/write Ecu MAP area.
  • BDM Cable: A High quality cable made of wires used in aerospace.
  • MPC5XX Module : Used for Ecu Cloning/Tuning of EDC16XX, MEXX and other Ecus with MPC5XX.
  • JTAG Module : Used for Ecu Cloning/Tuning of Equipped with SH725XX, MPC56XXX.
  • EEPROM/Key Reset Module : Used to connect Keys to reset Also used with EEPROM to read/write/reset.
  • Key reader/writer module : Used to read/write BMW keys (with Autohex II).
  • Power Adapter : Special power supply for Hexprog 14V-3A