Key Tool MAX


Avaliable in 3 days

Key Tool MAX – a compact and user-friendly device for handling all kinds of car keys. It is operated by a built-in touch display.

1,666.67 +VAT

Previous lowest price was 2,050.00.

Avaliable in 3 days

Key Tool MAX – a compact and user-friendly device for handling all kinds of car keys.

There is a variation of the KEY TOOL device with the MAX marking.

The device is operated by a built-in touchscreen LCD running under the ANDROID operating system.

Equipped with WI-FI and BLUETHOOTH module


Features that are available in the current version of Key Tool MAX::

  • Transponder reading

  • Copying of transponders with SNIFFER function (ID48 96 bit, ID46, ID 4D / 4C etc.)

  • Transponder pre-coding,

  • Super Transponder Xhorse support !!!

  • Cloning of remote controls

  • Parameterization of universal Smart Key (keyless)

  • Programming universal Xhorse remotes / keys (regular X series, wireless XN series, wireless Smart Key XS), including for the garage.

  • Test of remote controls

  • Immobilizer coil test at the ignition switch

  • Battery charging function in the key, e.g. BMW keys

  • Renewal of original keys (e.g. Audi, BMW, etc. !!! Connection diagrams can be found directly in the application)

  • The latest update has “our solution” for renewing BMW HUF5767 (434 Mhz) keys !!! – Keys that after refurbishment work with FEM / BDC !!!

  • The application allows you to control the MINI OBD device (soon on sale) that allows you to program keys for most brands via the OBD connector

  • Possibility to operate the Dolphin XP-005 milling machine

  • Cloning of identification cards / key fobs (opening intercoms etc.)

  • ID48 cloning 96 bit available after preparing about 10 Xhorse remote / universal keys. (the license will turn on automatically approximately two hours after the last required key fob / key is generated.) Remotes must be new and never programmed. After license activation, ID48 transponder cloning requires tokens – additionally payable.

  • The device will work with MINI OBD for key programming after OBD (at the moment, MINI OBD is not available. Please watch our website)

Key Tool MAX


The set includes:

  • Keytool MAX device
  • 2x USB cable for charging the device (1x USB-C to USB-C, 1x USB to USB-C)
  • 1 x remote control
  • programming cable
  • User manual


Updates are performed directly via the device itself without the need to connect to a PC.

At the moment, the device does not differ from its predecessor, the Key Tool, and even has an advantage over it through automatic notification of updates.

Attention: The cable for renewing the keys is not included !!!

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