VVDI Mini Keytool


Avaliable in 3 days

VVDI Mini Keytool is a compact, very small and friendly device for operating all kinds of car keys in cooperation with iOS or Android.

609.40 +VAT

Previous lowest price was 749.56.

Avaliable in 3 days

VVDI Mini Keytool is a compact, very small and friendly device for handling all kinds of car keys.

This is a mini version of the KEYTOOL device.

The device can be operated only through an application from iOS or Android Features that are available in the current software version:

VVDI Mini Keytool

  • Reading transponders
  • Copy transponders with the SNIFFER function (ID48 96 bit, ID46, ID 4D / 4C etc.)
  • ID48 96 bit is available for free for 1 year from the moment you request to have this function. 1 transponder / day for the next year. You don’t pay for activating the function !!! After a year, you use tokens.
  • Pre-coding transponders, Xhorse Super Transponder support !!!
  • Remote control cloning Parameterization of universal Smart Key (keyless)
  • Programming universal Xhorse remote controls / keys (regular X series, wireless XN series, wireless Smart Key XS), including for the garage.
  • Remote control test Immobilizer coil test at the ignition switch
  • Key battery charging function, e.g. BMW keys Renewing original keys (e.g. Audi, BMW etc. !!!) Available from version 1.16 !!! (connection diagrams can be found directly in the application or here)
  • The latest update has “our solution” for renewing BMW HUF5767 (434 Mhz) keys !!! – Keys that work with FEM / BDC after renewal !!!

The VVDI Mini Keytool kit includes:

  • Keytool MINI device
  • USB cable for charging the device
  • 1 x remote control programming cable
  • User manual


The device firmware is updated wirelessly and directly from the mobile / tablet application. At the moment, the device does not functionally differ from its predecessor Keytool and even has an advantage over it by automatic notification of updates. Attention: The key renewal cable is not included !!!

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