OBDSTAR CAN FD Adapter for P50/ X300 DP Plus/ X300 PRO4/ Key Master DP


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OBDSTAR CAN FD adapter is designed for diagnosing ECU systems of cars meeting with CAN FD protocols.
It can be used with X300 DP Plus, X300 PRO4, and X300 DP key master for key programming and P50 for airbag reset as well.
It’s high performance and easy operation.

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Supporting car models as below:

Brand Models Year Function
Cadillac Escalade 2021- Proximity key programming
CT4 2021-
CT5 2021-
GMC Yukon 2021- Proximity key programming
Sierra 2021-
Denali 2021-
Buick Envision 2021- Proximity key programming
GLY (LSY) 2021-
Chevrolet Cavalier 2021- Proximity key programming
Tahoe 2021-
Silverado 2021-
Suburban 2021-
Trax/Tracker 4A 2020- Blade/Proximity key programming & oil/airbag reset
Equinox 2020-
ONIX 2020-
S10 2020-
SPIN 2020-
Pontiac Montana 2020- Blade/Proximity key programming
Kia Sorento 2021-
Hyundai 95910-CW000 Airbag 2021 Airbag reset
95910-CW100 Airbag
95910-CZ000 Airbag
95910-N7010 Airbag
95910- N7030 Airbag
95910- N7050 Airbag
95910- N7070 Airbag
95910- N9010 Airbag
95910- N9050 Airbag
95910- N9060 Airbag
95910- N9080 Airbag
95910- N9110 Airbag
95910- P0000 Airbag
95910- P0010 Airbag
95910- P0010 Airbag
95910- R2320 Airbag

1.Portable Design
2.Easy Operation
3.High Performance