Dyno cooling system – Dynomag Hub fans + Inverter


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The Magicmotorsport cooling fans system plays a crucial role in dyno testing

Main characteristics:
dual fans system
controlled temperature
4 kW each fan/2960 rpm
four wheels

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The dual fans dyno cooling system is specially designed for cooling car engines during testing.
The robust and efficient fan housing is made of carbon steel, which gives the device exceptional structural strength. The powder coating provides a layer of protection against wear and gives a professional and durable look.

The key component of our fans is the impeller, made from high-quality PPG plastic, an advanced material composed of glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene. This choice guarantees an ideal combination of lightness and robustness, essential for efficient and long-lasting operation. The plasticity of this material allows for flexible design of the impeller blades, thus optimizing airflow for optimal performance.

Facing extreme temperature variations from -15°C to +400°C, our dyno fan demonstrates extraordinary versatility, keeping the cars engine at a controlled temperature throughout the entire test cycle. This ability to adapt to extreme environmental conditions is essential to ensure that engines are tested under realistic and representative conditions.

The speed achieved, up to 98 kilometers per hour, is crucial to creating optimal airflow during testing. This is particularly important to simulate real-world driving conditions and ensure that test results accurately reflect engine performance.

Another distinctive element of the cooling system is the integrated frequency converter, which offers smooth adjustment of flow parameters. This advanced feature allows precise and adaptable control of the fans, which adapt to specific needs at each stage of the test, thus ensuring maximum operational flexibility to obtain accurate and reliable results.

The Magicmotorsport cooling fans system, ideal for use with the Dynomag line of dynos, ensures reliable performance and an advanced design that satisfies even the most demanding dyno tests.

Technical specifications:
• Set of two PMA-560 fans, each with 4 kW/2960 rpm.
• The product is equipped with four protection grills made of perforated sheet metal