Dynomag Hub – Dyno for vehicles (2WD)


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Dynomag Hub is Magicmotorsport’s car dyno capable of precise and repeatable tests. Robust and made with a meticulous combination of electronic, technical and structural components, it consists of a control totem and 2  hubs to be coupled directly to the wheel hub of the vehicle. It doesn’t need to be installed permanently, it can actually be stored anywhere after its use.

Main features:

  • Small size
  • Precise and repeatable measurements
  • High levels of safety during tests

Please contact us before purchase / Prosimy o kontakt przed zakupem

Mobility and precision

The meticulous combination of electronic, technical and structural components has been perfected to provide mechatronic workshops with a solid and precise hub in any working condition.
The movement system, with a mixture of teflon and rubber wheels, makes it handy and easy to place in any workspace. In addition to that, its jointed axle makes the coupling procedure easier.
Each unit has an high-efficiency eddy current brake equipped with an optimized cooling system to ensure the best thermal and fluid-dynamic conditions.
The absence rollers and wheels increases safety up to the highest levels

Any parameter under control

Control Totem equipped with a last generation proprietary software, Full HD monitor, high-performance processor and emergency buttons.
Since the very first use to daily operations, mechatronics can have commands, features, and analytics tools at hand.

Modern interface and software

The modern and intuitive software stores the database of tested vehicles, it can start Sweep Test, Constant RPM/Speed/Traction tests, and allows operators to compare several results of different rollings.
Since the very first guided configuration, the proprietary software – constantly updating – coordinates data fluxes coming from electronic tabs of each hub

General information

Denomination // Hub Dynamometer for vehicles
Model // Dynomag Hub
General power supply voltage [VAC ] Three-phase: 400
General supply frequency [Hz] 50
Level of sound pressure in the workspace [dB(A)] < 70
Temperature in the workspace [°C] [0 ;  + 40]
Max. humidity in the workspace [%] 85
Possible transmissions // Manual, Automatic, CVT (lock mode)



Operating voltage  [VAC ]  Three-phase: 400
Max. absorbed power  [A]  [A]
 Load type //  Inductive
 Power output  [VAC ] Three-phase: 5 x 400
Single-phase:  4 x 240
 Max. output power  [A] Individual three-phase (5 outputs): 20 / Total single-phase: 16
 Safety systems // Differential circuit breaker:

Three-phase: 20 A curve C, IΔN = 0.03A Type A individual for each output

Single-phase: 16 A curve C, IΔN = 0.03A Type AC overall

 Totem weight  [Kg]  180
 Max. Totem size  [mm]  1720 x 950 x 920


Single HUB

Single-hub electric current  [A] 16
Max. hub rotation [rotation/min]  3000
Max. braking torque  [Nm]  1600
Max. Camber/Toe angles  [°]  -+ 8
Hub Weight  [Kg]  500
Max. Hub size [mm]  1300 x 950 x 750
Wheels  //  Allow an easy tilting of the hub and facilitate its repositioning


2WD configuration

Electric current  [A] 32
Max. braking torque   [Nm] 3200
Max. braking power  [CV/rpm]  800 / 2000 of the axle
Max. axle load  [Kg]  3000