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AutoVEI Truck Explorer REVOLUTION


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AutoVEI Truck Explorer REVOLUTION

Truck Explorer Revolution kit is best for the specialists who just starting work with trucks. It has popular functions to work over OBD. If you prefer to work on the bench also, please choose a Standard V6 kit or add DirectConnect2U tool.

AutoVEI Truck Explorer Revolution V6 KIT – our lowest tier set, that has hardware and software to perform functions through OBD only. Included functions:

Read/write flash & eeprom of all MR, FR and CPC versions (OBD)

Transponder key programming, immobiliser system off (MR, FR, CPC) (OBD)

Calculate codes for Xentry – VeDOK (X1, X2, X8); FDOK (XT, XS, XN) algorithms, DAS passwords (MR)

Speed and torque limit change for FR, CPC, ADM and CPC3 (OBD)

Transponder key programming for MAN trucks with FFR and PTM. ECU and IMMO pairing – FFR +


Make diagnostics for MB and MAN trucks.

Includes 12 months update/support subscription, 100 tokens and Android license   (Operations and prices)

Warranty for hardware 12 months.

License in a kit:

Nr. License code License name
1 D2151S0001 License MB MR
PLD (MR) external FLASH & EEPROMs Read&Write; Checksum
2 D2051S0002 License MB KEYS
Key programming for Mercedes truck (MR) by OBDKey programming on PLD (MR). IMMO OFF on MR and FR/CPC
3 D2051S0003 License MB CALC
Calculate codes for VeDoc ( X1, X2, X8); FDOK (XT, XS, XN) algorithms, DAS password
4 D2151S0011 License MR+
MB MR; MB KEYS; MB CALC functionality with PLD MCU XC2287, XC2288H.
Supported Firmware: 22B; 23E; 24B, 23F; 24C; 25B, 30C, 25C, 31B
5 D2051S0012 License FR
FR&CPC – C167, ST10F276 Flash & EEPROM R/W. OBD and DC mode
6 D2051P0013 License pack EXTRA
 – License MB EXTRA
 – License CPC3 EXTRA
 – License ADM EXTRA
Speed limit R/W for PLD and FR; Torque limit R/W; AdBlue error Erase Speed limit R/W for MCM and CPC3; SFTP Speed limit R/W for ADM3;
7 D2051S0004 License MB DIAG
MB Fault codes DTC Read/Erase; All code descriptions; Generate Full report in PDF file
8 D2051S1008 License MAN DIAG
MAN Fault codes DTC Read/Erase; All code descriptions. OBD/DC2
9 D2051S8002 License Android
Truck Explorer Android license 
10 Tokens for operations   New!

Hardware in a kit:

Nr. Code Product name
1 D200707003
Truck Explorer Revolution
2 D151201001
Truck Explorer Revolution
3 D151120064
Truck Explorer Revolution
4 D205188003
Truck Explorer Revolution


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