Cable kit for ECU MDG1


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Cable set for MDG1 ECUs with dedicated case.

The kit includes:

  • Cable for ECU BMW MDG1
  • Cable for ECU MB Bosch MDG1
  • Cable for ECU MB Bosch MDG1 – EDC17

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4 in stock

With the cable kit for MDG1 ECUs you can easily connect to ECUs in Bench mode by using the Flex programmer.

Specifically, the kit includes:

Cable FLX2.16compatible with BMW MDG1
Cable FLX2.17 compatible with MD1CP001 e MG1CP002 (Mercedes-Benz)
Cable FLX2.18 compatible with MG1CS001, MG1CP163, MD1CP014. MG1CS001 and EDC17CP44 (Alfa Romeo – Audi – Seat – Skoda – Volkswagen)


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