NewGenius Connector for WinOLS OLS1003


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The plugin allows you to use all the functions of the NewGenius system directly in WinOLS. The offer is addressed to NewGenius Master users.

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NewGenius Connector for WinOLS OLS1003

In cooperation with Dimsport we developed a WinOLS plugin that allows you to use all NewGenius system function directly in WinOLS. This allows you to directly store files in the NewGenius or load from the NewGenius into WinOLS.

The import and export of NewGenius slave files is not available in this first version and will be provided shortly as update. (Requires separate dongle.)


Attention: This connector can only be used by NewGenius Master users !

The installation is (like all WinOLS plugins) very easy: This plugin is automatically installed while using the WinOLS update function and then automatically uses the local Dimsport drivers.

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